Iebrucēji - Intruders

Angļu Valodas Kursi Pieaugušajiem, Jauniešiem un Bērniem. Intruders - Iebrucēji

- She grabbed his arm as he got up to leave.

- Wait, Jonathan. You got it all wrong. Your version of what happened is incorrect. You saw something that you interpreted wrong. Let me explain, said Jessy.

- He hesitated a little thinking of whether to stay or to leave.

- Seeing this, she was about to say something when all of a sudden the apartment door was smashed open by three huge men. They were all dressed in black. Just in few seconds, they grabbed her and started to pull away. She screamed for help but was quickly muffed by one of the men. His muscular arm firmly pressed a rag at her mouth. Jonathan felt a scent of chloroform. She struggled just a little before falling limply on the floor.

- Everything was happening so quickly that he at first had difficulties understanding what was going on. One thing was clear, he had to do something. He was strongly built and knew karate. Hence he was not afraid of them.

- He moved quickly towards the closest of them and was about to give him a well-aimed kick that was supposed to knock him out but stopped in the middle of the air as something sharp hit his neck. It felt as if he had been stung by a bee. If you guessed it was a tranquilizer that hit him, you got it right. His arm moved quickly towards his neck to grasp and pull out the tranquilizer dart but in the middle of this movement, another dart hit him right in the arm. Then another one in the leg. As strong as he was he couldn't resist it anymore. Spreading quickly throughout his body did the soothing fluid remarkably its job. It made him feel as if he had not slept for weeks. The urge to do something against the intruders in order to protect Jessy wasn't relevant anymore. He slowly slipped into the abyss of his unconscious mind.

- Jonathan started to come back to his senses as he heard someone in his presence whispering something in German. He understood just a few words in this language, but it was just enough for him to catch the words "entführen" (kidnapping ) and "Lockvogel" (decoy) with his enhanced hearing skills that he knew would one day become handy. He was trained in special forces during his three-year military service.

- They stopped their talking as soon as they realized he could overhear them.

- What could it all mean, he thought.

- Sir? How are you? Are you alright?

- He opened his eyes.

- Two doctors in white robes stood in front of him.

- I am fine, I guess, he answered.

- He decided to pretend he didn't understand what they said just a moment ago when he still had his eyes closed.

- Let's play along. Will see what happens, he thought to himself.

-  It's great to hear that you are feeling better already. You received a heavy dose of the tranquilizer. You need to rest before we let you leave the hospital. And besides, there will be no need for any belongings during your stay here therefore we took the liberty to bring them away. We will leave you for now and we will lock the door behind us that no one can disturb your peace.

- He wanted to protest but one of the doctors was quicker and said: "I strongly suggest that you rest".

- He understood that there was nothing he can do, at least not for now.

- So they left and as promised locked the door behind them.

- Left alone he could finally have a look around his hospital room.

- There was not much furniture in there. A bed, a chest of drawers right next to it, and a mirror. The room was bright but there were no windows, just LEDs that shone from ceiling panels.

- "Where am I? Is this a real hospital and were those, in fact, real doctors?", thoughts in his head changed quickly one another.

- Hours passed by, everything remained still and silent.

- Aren't they exaggerating just a tiny bit with me needing to have so much peace and quiet. It starts to become a little ridiculous, he thought.

- And then it hit him like a bolt of lightning. Of course! He was a prisoner. No windows, no people. It was all fake. This a prison cell, not a hospital room. The only thing that's real here is the locked door that keeps me from escaping. They never had the slightest intention to release me before they get to know everything they need to know. But what could it be? I guess I will found out soon enough.

- Another hour or two passed. It was hard to tell how much time he has spent here because the room remained always bright which disturbed him a lot. And then there was another thing he didn't particularly like. He couldn't explain it but despite the seemingly non-existent presence of people in the room there had to be someone. He could swear he felt someone intensely staring at him, which in turn caused him a bizarre feeling in the back of his head.

- And he was right about that. There truly stood someone watching him closely. And no, it wasn't the mirror that I believe you assumed being a one-side mirror and other-side glass. In fact, it was a real mirror but the whole room, on the contrary, was made of special glass that made it look like a solid wall from one side while it was a perfectly transparent glass from the other.

- There she was, as beautiful as never before, looking at him through the glass. She knew all there was to know about him as she had been watching him his entire life. Jonathan, strong and brilliant, and with perfect leader skills was the perfect match for her plans. The final phase of the Earth invasion could finally begin.

- Intrusion, kidnapping, chloroform, hospital room, and even the usage of the German language in it were all just another test in order to see how Jonathan would act. He is just perfect, she thought.

- What a funny idea to think that chloroform could make me sleep.  Jessy smiled and left her observation room.

- As she left, the spaceship jumped into hyperspace.

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