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According to research, this is the list of most popular smartphone apps:

Rank / Name / Owner

1 Facebook

2 Facebook Messenger

3 WhatsApp, yes, also Facebook

4 Instagram, still Facebook

5 Snapchat

6 Skype, Teams, - Microsoft

7 TikTok,  - ByteDance

8 UC Browser. What is that? My wild guess - must be connected to China

9 YouTube, owned by Google. Really? Only ninth?

10 Twitter, owned by Twitter of course. By the way, Kam ir blogs Svīterī? =)

What app do you spend the most time on?

According to data, I found on the internet, here are the app categories that mobile users spend the most time on plus my comments:

1. Social media/chat ~about 50% users, This is what I needed and I will take as much as I need. Nobody will stop me!

2. Browsers (safari, chrome, etc.) ~ 42%, What was it I was looking for? Can't remember. Oh, I will just browse "a little", maybe it will come back to me. 1 hour later...Funny, I still don't remember

3. Mail ~ 35%, New mail again? Oh no...

4. Music / Radio ~ 25%, Yes, finally I can be on my own. Let the world leave me in peace

5. Games ~ 25%, I just need to finish this round, really. Yes but really?

6. Finance / Banks ~ 15% ?, What? Where is my money? Hate it!

7. News ~ 15%, Hm, I wonder how did the "the scandal" end. Anything new? I am hungry for new sensations

8. Weather ~ 15%, I hope it is not going to rain again, I have plans. Or - phew, it's too hot, I am getting out of here :)

9. Shopping ~ 15%, a new pair of jeans is always handy and trendy

10. TV / Series / Movies ~ 14%, it's time for me to disconnect from reality

11. Travel ~ just 4%, even though everyone says how much they like to travel. How strange...

What’s your favorite app on your phone?

What app would you suggest for everyone to get and to use?

Is there an app you wish you didn’t have to use? Delete it! If that's impossible, then throw away your mobile:) I guess this is even more impossible. So, you are screwed ;)

Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day!

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