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Vārds money (latviski - nauda) ir cēlies no latīņu vārda moneta ar nozīmi "monēta". Savukārt, latīņu vārds cēlies no Juno tempļa uz Kapitolija, kas ir viens no septiņiem Romas kalniem.

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Pēdējā laikā es tekstus rakstu angliski, lai tev pašam būtu mazliet iespēja padarboties, tas ir iztulkot sev vēl nezināmos vārdus. Bet ja nepieciešams tulkojums un audio, dod ziņu. Tad nu turpinām angliski...

Everything has a price. Just name yours.

What about you? Would you do something for a certain amount of money?

Here comes a little story...

Let's say someone would ask you to do something terrible or nasty to a stranger or maybe to someone close to you like a friend or relative? Would you do it if that person would offer you 10 euros? Would you?

You say you wouldn't? What about a hundred euros? Would that be sufficient? No? Well, how about 1000 euros or let it better be 10000.

Still no? So you are a very good person.

Ok, the person says, let's make a deal. You name the price.

Then you say to that person the following words: "I am not going to do anything terrible or nasty, not to anyone and not in my lifetime. No way! Not even for a million!"

Alright then, I believe you, he says. You are a truly honorable person. I like your attitude, you know how to make business. I'll give you two million. Deal?

Money doesn't smell as they say. Two million euros is a lot of money and you know that. You probably need a lot of things and money can help but the person asks you to do something very terrible. You will probably have a bad conscience for a very long time, possibly even your entire life.

So after very long consideration, you say to that person: "NO! Leave me alone!"

See how good you are! Unbelievable that such people still exist on this earth.

Then, finally, this person says. Ok, you won. I will leave you now. I see you are a true gemstone, one in a million, perhaps even one in a hundred million. It was an honor to talk to you. I am going now and I am going to take my one billion euros with me. Perhaps the next person will be less good and will get the job done. Have a nice day!

Then you say: "Wait, what did you just say? You said you are going to offer someone one billion euros for getting my job done. I will do it myself. Why didn't you offer me that one billion straight from the beginning? I will do it. Give me the money now."

"Happy?" End!

P.S. Would you do it? What would you do and for what amount? Would there be a difference if it affects your friend or a complete stranger?

The above-named amounts are just examples and could reach even higher limits. One could do a lot of good for one really, really terrible deed. Is it worth it?

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